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Issuing time:2020-05-11 00:00

To supporters of Tomainfo worldwide:

Thank you for your long-term attention and support to Tomainfo. After a long period of research and development, the Tomainfo team has further developed and innovated the blockchain technology, and finally confirmed the main online and mapped it.

TomaInfo is a professional-grade blockchain infrastructure service platform based on the underlying architecture of PBFT + DPOS public chain technology, also known as a commercial distributed application design blockchain operating system, which can achieve the performance expansion of distributed applications. The project team has been deeply involved in the blockchain field for many years, and aims to assist B / C users to facilitate the transformation of the blockchain, thereby accelerating the rapid landing of blockchain technology on a global scale.

TON launched the TON main network mapping from May 11 to August 10, 2020 (the original ERC-20 token TON1: 1 was exchanged for the main network TON).

The mapping process is as follows:

1. Automatic mapping of trading platform

In the process of TON main network mapping, if your ERC-20 token is stored on a trading platform that supports TON mapping, then you will not need to do anything. The platform will automatically complete the mapping for you, and the specific mapping will be dynamic to correspond to the transaction The announcement shall prevail.

Second, the official website to apply for manual mapping

Submit the application at the official website mapping application entrance, and after approval, you can transfer the original ERC-20 token TON to the official ERC-20 address (0x0E5d541BF248B7BF6Ddc8bC7B3f554430c787c49). Please note that the main network receives the TON account when transferring, and wait for 1-3 after successful transfer On working days, log in to the mainnet to check whether there are constant TONs in the mainnet wallet.


1. If the TON data in the ETH address submitted by the official website does not match, the mapping application cannot be submitted;

2. Please do not repeatedly submit the mapping application. If you have any questions, you can send an email to contact the official:;

3. Please keep the official recycling address in mind. For the safety of your assets, please look for this unique official recycling address, and do not trust the recycling address provided by any self-proclaimed official mail, telegram, WeChat, or Twitter;

4. Please strictly follow the official mapping process and do not disclose information to anyone;

5. Mapping start time: May 11, 2020; mapping end time: August 10, 2020; ERC-20 tokens TON that have not completed mapping after the end of the mapping period will automatically expire.

Tomainfo Operations Team

May 11, 2020

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