Tomainfo Overview
TomaInfo is a professional-grade blockchain infrastructure service platform based on the underlying architecture of PBFT + DPOS public chain technology, also known as a commercial distributed application design blockchain operating system, which can achieve the performance expansion of distributed applications. The project team has been deeply involved in the blockchain field for many years, and aims to assist B / C users to facilitate the transformation of the blockchain, thereby accelerating the rapid landing of blockchain technology on a global scale.
Service Architecture
Business Layer
At the business layer, users can realize the commercial application of blockchain + by developing and building the required DAPP applications on the TomaInfo mainnet.
Framework Layer
At the framework level, the TomaInfo mainnet supports the full capabilities of ledger, contract, authentication, and consensus mechanisms, and provides a wealth of pluggable and customizable blockchain scenario parameters.
Network Layer
At the network layer such as Ethereum, Fabric and other typical networks hosting blockchains, users can build corresponding network applications on the TomaInfo mainnet as needed.
Basic resource layer
In the underlying basic resource layer, TomaInfo usually relies on cloud computing capabilities and provides a unified interface layer in combination with container engines, image warehouses, etc., supports cloud hosting, security supervision, account permissions, one-click deployment, and other underlying cloud infrastructure and services Transparent to users;
Technical Characteristics
High concurrency
High TPS, extremely high business concurrent processing capability, can support millions of users
Pluggable module design, high flexibility and scalability to meet your various business needs
Supports software upgrades during functional iterations
Friendly developer building platform, save a lot of time and personnel costs
Upgrade and handle Bug
Developer friendly
You can choose to use the blockchain at the bottom, and each node can share the account book to enjoy the trusted service of the blockchain while retaining business control.
Workload can be split across multiple CPUs and computers
System Balance
Unique parallel performance
System Assurance
Data transmission security
Data security encryption / data verification / user non-repudiation
User and administrative rights differentiation / parameterized verification / vulnerability scanning
Anti-injection safety
Full backup / Automatic database backup / Dual hot backup / Offsite backup
Database disaster recovery
Account two-factor authentication / dynamic key / third-party authentication / VPN technology
Prevent information loss
Privacy / Integrity / Availability / VPN Virtual Private Network
Cyber security
Tomainfo Advantages
Technology Architecture
TomaInfo has such factors as stable and predictable performance, good versatility, multi-programming language adaptation, and reasonable consensus mechanism DPOS.
TomaInfo's leading underlying blockchain application operating system can support the industrial user's commercialization of blockchain technology, and provide the necessary functional closed loop and multi-scenario adaptation capabilities
Product System
TomaInfo forms a partner matrix in the fields of blockchain security, blockchain tools, and blockchain business adaptation, accelerating commercialization
Build ecology
TomaInfo has core capabilities such as measurable value, universality, templating, and flexible industry adaptation.
Application practice
Business Application
Highly inclusive blockchain underlying platform
The friendly blockchain underlying platform can provide developers with multi-language support, saving a lot of time and energy.
Tomainfo relies on a commissioned equity certificate with a block production time of 2 seconds and 21 miners, which only takes about 45 seconds to confirm. In multi-chain information transfer, time has been greatly reduced.
Multi-chain information transfer
Support developers and users to access, use, and create DAPPs on the Tomainfo open platform.
Open platform
Cooperation Partner
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